You might wonder?

  • What should I do if my toddler refuses dinner?
  • How will I manage sweets?
  • How can I get my preschooler to try new foods?
  • How to prevent future fussy eating?
  • How to get your child to grow up with a positive attitude to food and eating?

This course gives you practical, expert and proven strategies to help your raise a happy, competent eater and stay sane in the process.

Hi, I’m Caroline O'Connor

I’m a registered dietitian, lactation consultant and creator of Solid Start. And I’m also busy feeding four happy, healthy eaters of my own!

You won’t find me making my own nut butter, my kids choose chocolate cake over courgette every time, and we eat takeaways!

But we also enjoy successful and stress-free mealtimes. And I’ve combined my twenty years experience as a dietitian and my 13 years as a parent to help you get to do this too.

Not a superfood, sneaky veg or sticker chart in sight!

Start enjoying happy and successful mealtimes now


€150 Feeding Your Toddler

8 easy steps to successful and enjoyable mealtimess


Everything you need to know including:

  • How to save your sanity by recognising what’s normal!
  • Up to date and evidence-based guidelines on WHAT to feed children aged 1-5 years
  • The ONE feeding strategy that will change the way you think about feeding forever
  • How to make snacks work for you (not against you!)
  • Ideas for creating variety and introducing new foods
  • When and how to manage sugary foods
  • Making ‘one family, one meal’ your motto
  • Ideas for fun with food (outside of mealtimes!)
  • FREE monthly group coaching call with Caroline
Everything you need for enjoyable and successful mealtimes


Lifetime access

Go at your own pace with this self-guided online course The course starts as soon as you sign up and it never expires. You decide when you start and when you finish.

You can watch it straight through from Step 1-Step 8 then putting the steps into action when you have ALL of the information behind you. Or go through the course step by step putting each step into action before moving on. You choose what works best for you.

Short Actionable Lectures

You’ll get nearly 100 minutes of easy to follow video content presented by a registered dietitian (that’s equivalent to three consultations with me costing €280).

The video presentations are short (mostly 5 minutes long) making it convenient for you to slot this course in around your busy lifestyle.

Simple printables and downloads

28 downloadable cheat sheets, templates and tip sheets.


  • Tips to maximise nutrition
  • What is my child eating worksheet
  • The Division of Responsibility (DOR) and DOR gone wrong handouts
  • Language swaps for mealtimes
  • Typical day template
  • Snack guide
  • A week in snacks cheatsheet
  • Along with a recipe ebook with 30 family-friendly recipes for you to enjoy together.
  • Talking to grandparents about sugary foods tip sheet
  • A simple guide to understanding food labels
  • Meal time checklist
  • What to do when your child refuses a meal tip sheet
  • Messy play ideas

Reliable and professional information

As a registered children’s dietitian (and lactation consultant) I have reviewed the current evidence-based guidelines to bring you up-to-date advice you can trust. There’s no substitute for qualifications and your child deserves nothing less than expert advice.


You have access to me through the course via the comments section where you can post questions. I also hold a FREE monthly group coaching call on the first Tuesday of every month at 8 pm. You can book a place on this every month if you like!


You’ll also have access to a discounted one-to-one consultation.



As a registered dietitian I am recognised all ALL health insurers. Check your policy to see what your policy covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is suitable for parents, carers or childcare workers who feed children aged 1-5 years. You can take this course at any time before or during this time. Taking it before your baby turns one means you’re armed with the information when you need it.

And although I’ve targeted this course towards younger children the feeding strategies are appropriate for children of all ages. I use these approaches in my home everyday with my kids aged 13, 11, 7 and 4.

As a registered dietitian, I am recognised by ALL health insurers. So, you may be able to claim the cost of this course back under ‘dietitian’ cover. Ask your healthcare provider if you are covered. You will need a more comprehensive receipt in order to make a claim. So, just email me and I’ll send on the correct receipt.

Yes! You have four options for asking questions:


  1. Ask directly within the course. There’s no need to join an extra Facebook Group. You’ll find a comment section at the end of each lecture where questions and answers are given publicly (I answer all your questions myself, it really is like having me there with you as you go through the course.
  2. Ask a private question, then you’re free to email me at any time.
  3. Book into my monthly FREE group live Q&A session. On the first Tuesday of every month from 8-8.30pm, I answer your questions on zoom.
  4. Book a discounted one-to-one consultation with me.


I’m a registered dietitian and that means by law I must give evidence-based information. Nutrition is an evolving science and guidelines change from time to time and may differ slightly between countries. The advice provided on what to feed your child is based on current Irish nutrition guidelines for children aged 1-5 years. However, the advice on how to feed your child is the same regardless of where you live.

Absolutely! These are the same feeding strategies that I use in my Fussy Eating Support Package. And this course is a great place to start if you’ve already got a fussy eater on your hands. However, depending on your child’s level of fussiness, you might also benefit from a follow-up one-to-one consultation for more support and personalised troubleshooting.

Are you ready to get started? (Ready, Steady, Wean + Feeding Your Toddler) and save €30