Parenting a child with diagnosed or suspected food allergy is stressful

Just figuring out what your child can and can’t eat, how to reintroduce foods and making sure your child is eating a safe optimal diet can be a minefield. But with expert help and a clear plan of action you can get back to enjoying the things that matter.

Benefits of a consultation with a registered dietitian

I’m a food allergy mum too

I’ve worked with hundreds of parents of food-allergic children. But I’ve also been that parent!

My first son had serious immediate allergies to milk, eggs, peanuts and kiwi. And this on top of living with my mum’s life long fish allergy fuelled my passion for the area of food allergy.

Since then I’ve completed many post-graduate courses in food allergy and enjoy staying up to date with all the latest evidence on this topic.

Benefits of a Virtual Consultation

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  • Perfect for busy parents
  • Professional advice from the comfort of your own home
  • Safe and secure
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