Children’s Dietitian and Lactation Consultant

Are you looking for a children’s nutrition expert to work with you on a product, article or interview? As a registered dietitian and lactation consultant specialising in children’s nutrition, I can help you with this.

I’m an experienced nutrition content creator with twenty years of experience working with babies, toddlers, children and families.

I’m up-to-date on current evidence, recommendations and popular trends in child nutrition. And I have a first-hand understanding of the pressures and demands of parenthood and feeding children as a busy mum of four myself!

Services for Digital & Print Media, Companies & Organisations

Professional but relatable information on food, feeding and nutrition for babies, children and families.

Nutrition writing for blogs, social media and print media

Brand Collaborations

Media Commentary, Interviews & Quotes

Podcast Guest

Here are some of the webinars or workshops I provide:

These topics can be adapted to suit the needs of your organization whether it’s directly to parents, childcare providers, teachers or students.

Preparing to Breastfeed

Starting Solids

Managing Fussy Eating

Planning Family Meals

Dealing with Food Allergies

How to Raise a Happy, Healthy Eater

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I was delighted that Caroline agreed to contribute to my second book, All About The Baby Sleep Solution. It was wonderful to share with parents some of the common questions and to rely on Caroline for practical, evidence-based suggestions. When I am working directly with a family, I often refer them to Caroline’s one to one service, when together we agree that they would benefit from key support in this area.

Lucy Wolfe

It’s a real asset to have Caroline contributing to – Her clear expertise is communicated in just the right accessible tone so our community can get the most out of each article, covering valuable topics around weaning and child nutrition that parents are desperate to know more about.

Emily Elphinstone

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