May 9, 2021 Family dinner rules: An easy and effective feeding strategy

  You’re under pressure getting dinner on the table every night. But instead of gratitude, it’s tears, tantrums and the kids yelling yuck! In this blog, I want to share an easy and effective strategy to bring you from stressful to peaceful mealtimes. You have to try Family Dinner Rules.            […]

April 30, 2021 What is the best baby formula for breastfed babies?

  Breastfeeding mums often ask me about introducing formula milk. They want to know what’s the best baby formula for breastfed babies, how much to offer and how to get their baby to drink it!  This blog looks at what you need to know about introducing formula to your baby.      I’m here to […]

April 10, 2021 Sweet Potato Pancakes for babies-nutritious, safe and quick

  These sweet potato pancakes for babies are easy to make, super soft, and a good iron source. And the best thing is you can bake in a batch and freeze. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea!     Why am I always banging on about iron-rich foods?   Iron is vital for your […]