February 17, 2021 Reduce Mealtime Madness with Family Dinner Rules

  Family Dinner Rules can reduce mealtime madness and allow your kids to explore food in a relaxed and positive way. Find out how!     I’m a mum too! I know family meals can be challenging.   As a mum to four kids, I know first-hand how crazy, loud and sometimes stressful mealtimes can […]

Halloween sweets-the good, bad and the ugly

  Halloween, love it or hate it? Either way, it seems to get bigger and bolder every year. I want to let you in on why I love Halloween and why I think Halloween foods, including the abundance of Halloween sweets can be a good thing!     Dietitians love Halloween Sweets too!   It’s […]

A guide on meal planning for the family

  28, 000 is roughly the number of meals you’ll prepare for your child! Meal planning can help ease the burden.     We know family meals are important but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get dinner on the table every night. Especially when you’re juggling work, after-school activities and maybe a small baby […]

What to make for kids school lunch?

  Does it really matter what you make for kids school lunch? No, what you make for kids school lunch doesn’t matter as much as you think!     The stress of school lunches is real!   From August onwards every year t’s easy to get sucked into the ‘back to school’ media hype. You’d […]