February 20, 2021 ‘Family style’ meals are a game-changer

  ‘Family style’ or ‘buffet style’ family meals can reduce mealtime stress, help with fussy eating and help your kids regulate hunger and fullness. It’s been an absolute meal time game-changer for the families and me I work with. And it could be for you too!     HAVE YOU HEARD OF FAMILY STYLE MEALS? […]

February 17, 2021 Halloween sweets-the good, bad and the ugly

  Halloween, love it or hate it? Either way, it seems to get bigger and bolder every year. I want to let you in on why I love Halloween and why I think Halloween foods, including the abundance of Halloween sweets can be a good thing!     Dietitians love Halloween Sweets too!   It’s […]

A guide on meal planning for the family

  28, 000 is roughly the number of meals you’ll prepare for your child! Meal planning can help ease the burden.     We know family meals are important but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get dinner on the table every night. Especially when you’re juggling work, after-school activities and maybe a small baby […]

Is dessert every night OK for kids?

  In this blog, I want to get you to rethink what dessert is. And how it might be useful to serve it alongside dinner EVERY night!     What is dessert for children? According to the dictionary, dessert is a ‘sweet food eaten at the end of the meal’! Dessert got this meaning around […]

February 16, 2021 Healthy snacks for kids- A Parent’s Guide (Printable)

  Find out how to build a healthy snack for your child. You’ll find lots of ideas right here along with a printable parent’s guide to show you how to combine foods to make snacks boost your child’s nutrition.     Why are snacks important for kids?   Small children have small stomachs! So snacking […]

Typical feeding plan for toddlers

    Having a structured daily meal and snack plan for toddlers takes the stress out of feeding.       Why do toddlers eat better at creche than at home?   I’ve lost count of how many parents say their child eats better at creche than at home. Does this sound familiar to you? […]

February 14, 2021 The Division of Responsibility-the one feeding strategy you need!

    Are you struggling with a fussy toddler? Maybe you’re starting to dread mealtimes. Or you’re simply fed up with your child demanding food all day long. You need to know about the Division of Responsibility.     The Division of Responsibility will change the way you think about feeding your child.   I’m […]

How to switch from formula to cows milk?

    Congratulations your baby is nearly one! So along with finalising the party invite list and making the cake, you might be wondering about how to transition from formula to cows milk.       How to switch from formula to regular milk   The first change to make when your baby turns one […]

Messy food play-a super way to help your child accept new foods

    Helping your child to become familiar with foods doesn’t just happen at mealtimes. Exploring food through messy food play is often a lot more enjoyable for kids (and parents). After all, there’s no expectation of eating it.     What is messy food play?   Messy food play is any activity that gets […]

February 13, 2021 Eggs for kids-How, what and when

  How many eggs is too many is a much-asked question in my weekly Q&A session on Instagram. Let’s take a closer look at how, why and how many eggs we should serve our kids each week?     We’ve all heard of the “ an egg a day is OK” guideline for adults. So, […]