Why consult a dietitian

Gut Issues

There’s nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and not being sure how to help.

Let’s work together to find a solution that’s right for you and your child. Or maybe you don’t have any particular concerns, but want to maximise your baby’s gut health and set them up for future health and happiness. Great, now’s the perfect time to do that.



Take the guesswork out of which foods (if any) are causing your child’s discomfort


Get trustworthy evidence-based management of constipation, reflux and toddler diarrhoea


Manage delayed cows milk protein allergy


Diagnose and manage breastfeeding a baby with gut issues


Choose a formula milk that works for your baby and avoid endless swapping of formula

Registered Dietitian + Lactation Consultant

As a registered dietitian and lactation consultant, I’m uniquely qualified to give you a comprehensive feeding service whether your breastfeeding, formula feeding or feeding an older toddler or child. I’ve also completed post-graduate training in the FODMAP diet to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and keep up to date with new research about gut health. Maximising our gut health and the area of probiotics are areas I find fascinating.

Benefits of a Virtual Consultation

Recognised by ALL health insurers

Tailored to your needs

Perfect for busy parents

Professional advice from the comfort of your own home

Safe and secure

Arrange a Virtual Consultation

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Tell me about your child & complete payment

Let’s talk and agree a plan


I had a consultation regarding my son. He has been improving slowly but steadily and in the last week, we had a succession of family meals where we all sat down to the same dinner. He is now eating steak, lamb, pork and salmon and has broadened his range of vegetables also. I never thought I would get to this stage but following your advice and blog has been a wonderful help. I know he will need a lot of encouragement but I am so grateful to you for taking the stress out of our mealtimes!

Una Lynch

I recently completed the online Feeding Your Toddler course, & it was the best decision I ever made!! Mealtimes are a much more relaxing & positive experience for us all now, as I found Caroline’s information so straight-forward, sensible & easy to put into practice. It’s taken all the stress from meal planning for my fussy toddler & I have a new found confidence about presenting new foods that I had definitely lost somewhere along the way! I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough.

Siobhan Farrell

I went to Caroline with assistance for my third baby. He was on dairy free formula as he was showing signs of cows protein intolerance. As he was at the stage for weaning I wanted guidance on what non dairy options I should go for and what was the healthiest etc. Caroline was a great help and now I have a baby who is on normal baby formula! As it turned out he wasn’t intolerant after all which makes the weaning process a lot easier. I would recommend Caroline to any parent who is in a similar situation.

Aoife Lucitt

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