Pasta is such a quick meal it’s no wonder parents are always looking for pasta recipes for babies. This creamy avocado sauce is perfect!



This baby pasta recipe ticks a lot of boxes


  • It’s quick and easy
  • It’s dairy and egg-free (it can be gluten-free if you mix with gluten-free pasta)
  • It’s a handy way of offering your baby nuts
  • You can make it from store cupboard (freezer) ingredients. Perfect when you’ve run out of fresh food
  • The whole family can enjoy it too
  • It’s nutritious and colourful


It’s suitable for the whole family


When you’ve taken out a portion for your baby, add some salt for the adults or older children



It’s not just good with pasta!


You can also eat this:

  • As a spread on toast, rice cakes or bagels
  • As a puree from a spoon
  • As a dip for breadsticks, cucumber sticks or fingers of toast



What you’ll need


An avocado (frozen is fine), three tablespoons ground almonds, juice of half a lemon, a clove of garlic and a handful of basil.



What to do

Blitz everything together!



How to store this sauce?

This doesn’t freeze. You can keep in the fridge but it will brown so it’s best to eat straight away.



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